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The following are the available packages to invest with us, the amount to invest is very flexible starting from USD $100.00 and as high as USD $1,000.00. Whatever package you choose will determine the rate of growth over a specified length of time.

Lite III.

This package is designed with the early investor in mind, for those who are curious and willing to learn about the current environment. Our team firmly believes in unity and abolishing fear from everyone, with our calculator you will be able to measure your earnings at both the long- and short-term. This package grows your funds at the annual percentage rate of 5.00% for 3 months. Your entire balance will become available once the 3-month term has completed.

Annual percent rate: 5.00%
Timeframe: 3 months

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Mech V.

Our second tier of investing option is for those who already invest but would like to expand their portfolio with minimal risk, as a sort of safety blanket, with this package you receive the annual percentage rate of 7.00% and the term duration is 5 months. This option is also great if you would like to mitigate some of your debt with this type of savings.

Annual percent rate: 7.00%
Timeframe: 5 months

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Terra VII.

Next package is our best-seller amongst financial and tax savvy individuals who are able to invest more in the long run, with a better annual rate of 11.00% APR.

Annual percent rate: 11.00%
Timeframe: 7 months

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Astro XIII.

Finally, this plan is highly recommended for early investors who have seen results in other businesses and are familiar with the current cryptocurrency investment options or simply wish to obtain the best results from all of our four options. Truly, the key to our success lies in asset and risk management, having achieved scalability in investments and active trading; it is our belief that your money is worth our attention to detail. Choose the option that best suits your needs and let us carry your funds into a more prosperous future that is also stress-free. The APR for this package is 15.00% with a duration of 13 months.

Annual percent rate: 15.00%
Timeframe: 13 months

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