Frequently Asked Questions

In here we go more in depth about the structure of our business, explaining the factors that are involved when it comes to your investment and how different aspects of our business are handled in your best interest.

◉ How is my money invested?

In an effort to ensure the security of everyone's funds, every deposit is assigned to either a single financial advisor or various (depending on the amount) or one of our certified trading algorythms, or a mix of all of the forementioned options. This is done to better handle market changes while yielding the best results.

◉ What is Zephirex?

We are an entity dedicated to mutual growth, our platform and systems are tried and tested, analyzed on a daily basis to ensure a steady growth and to reduce risk. Securely keeping your funds by different means, as well as securing your private information we pride our business on treating others as we ourselves would like to be treated.

◉ Do I need to register using my email address to invest?

Yes, this is to document and corroborate important details of the transaction such as the agreed amount, interest rate, start date, and duration. Upon which after your certificate has completed its cycle you have the option to re-invest all, some, or none of your principal plus earnings gained through the entire process. This guarantees that by the time the package has reached its goal you will know exactly how much money to count on.

◉ How much am I allowed to invest?

Our packages start from $50.00 USD and can go as high as $2,000.00 USD with flexible rates and time-frame.

◉ What interest rates do you have?

Currently we have flexible options to invest in, however, our main 4 options really only dictate the length of time your investment will take to process as well as the fixed interest rate. These rates currently range from 5.00% to 11.00% annual interest rate in earnings and last from 3 to 13 month processing times, at the time of which either party may wish to re-invest or witdrawal any, some, or none.

◉ What are the limitations to withdrawal?

There is currently a small number of limitations such as the time it takes for the transfer from the time the investment period is complete, if needed some charges may be applied to cover any transfer fees, otherwise if the loans are too small and modifications must be made there may be a withdrawal fee depending on the amount and desired transfer method requested by the purchaser of the investment package.

◉ What happens if I do not withdrawal or re-invest after my term is completed?